SUREFIRE ヘルメットライト TAN   ホワイト/ブルーLED


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SUREFIRE ヘルメットライト TAN   ホワイト/ブルーLED


27,000円 (本体 25,000円、税 2,000円)

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商品名 SUREFIRE ヘルメットライト TAN   ホワイト/ブルーLED
* Made of durable glass-filled nylon polymer and neoprene * O-ring sealed, watertight body * Two toggle switches and a pressure switch for total control * White and blue LEDs and infrared IFF LED beacon * Long runtime from a single 123A battery with 10-year shelf life * Easily removable for servicing, transfer to other helmets, * Size: 2.2 W x 2.6 H x 1.3 thick including mount * Weight: 3.1 oz. w/battery & mount * Output/Runtime: White High: 19.2 lumens/6 hrs Blue High: 2.5 lumens/20 hrs White Med: 5.0 lumens/28 hrs Blue Med: 0.8 lumens/48 hrs White Low: 1.4 lumens/48hrs Blue Low: 0.3 lumens/96 hrs Tertiary IFF beacon: 1.72 mW/120 hrs * Batteries included


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